Posted: December 14, 2010 in MEDIA
Electronic media is the most dynamic form of all interactive media. In modern times it stands as the most powerful means of accessing information. It has changed the way people live and relate to each other. It is like a sea of information at whose heart lies the treasure of knowledge.
Electronic media has touched every sphere of the human aspect. In the present times, information and technology are interwoven with the society’s economic progress. The evolution of electronic media has had an overwhelming impact on the society. Nearly everybody is dependent upon technology. Whether one is located in far off rural areas or is a part of the cosmopolitan circle, technology is ubiquitous. Audio, video, game or photo media have become a household name.
All information has become omnipresent and is easily accessible through electronic media. It is not merely a technology but a means of disseminating and retaining information and content. By adhering to the contemporary techniques and advancements, new technology has taken birth to elevate the capacity of the electronic media to accomplish the task of producing, collecting and distributing diverse quality content to meet the political, social and cultural needs of all societies, both in developed as well as developing countries.
Thousands of websites representing companies and organizations have come into existence. The internet has facilitated communication in several ways and has thrown light on several opportunities which were once in-explorable. E-mail has revolutionized the field of distance communication. It has radically changed the traditional ways of interaction and has taught us to cope with the pace of life.
Opportunities of communication have broken all barriers across national boundaries and have led to the germination of new ideas through the cross pollination of cultures. Electronic information has had a positive impact in the promotion of various social regimes. It has reduced distances, discrimination and disparities.
‘Interaction’ is the key element to good communication which is provided through the internet. The Information Revolution has helped level the global differences in terms of opportunities and economic development.
Electronic media and trade
Today electronic media plays a crucial role in all the domains of life and has therefore become highly significant. All businesses need efficient marketing in order to increase their sales. The traditional ways of trade and commerce were largely dependent upon the system of transportation and slow means of communication. Electronic media has accelerated trade which has brought about economic development and has lowered additional costs.

We can conclude that electronic media is a part of a larger social system, whose other components are industry, trade, communication, education, government, administration etc. It has changed the world forever.

  1. Jay Dantara says:

    A very good essay in terms of word usage but this is an idealistic point of view my friend, something that does not exist. You’re portraying Utopia here.

    The media conveys messages only which have a gratification with its audience (long term / short term) – Wilbur Schramm [Journalist, father of communication studies]
    This implies that vital information is inevitably restricted and information relevant to the audiences’ viewpoint is portrayed.

    So not everything is freely available.

    • naveenrnair says:

      very true. here i am concentrating on the more idealistic side of electronic media and hence have conveniently neglected it’s flaws. my blogs that would follow will provide you with a more broader and realistic picture of media.

  2. Gina Tomas says:

    Good but doesn’t answer my query.

  3. Ishmail Kamara says:

    I want to agree with you that “the media has change the world forever” but also I want to disagree there, the negativism which the media has brought and has help change some culture are immeasurable to its positivism.
    Take the Electronic media for example, it has influenced behavior in society: the rise of youth culture across class, religion and even national lines; children calling parents and teachers by their first names as if they are peers and men and women are now abandoning old forms of courtship and marriage and instead replacing it with online relationship. for instance many love relationships and marriages are now taking place as a result of connections through Facebook and Whatsapp.

    anyway. the list is endless.

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